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In this blog, we will talk about the challenges faced by various stakeholders in the pharmaceutical industry and  how Coveo can help them find RELEVANT content quickly and easily.

Pharmaceutical enterprises have scientific content spread across multiple databases, content repositories and other systems. Based on our research,  content is growing exponentially in specific therapeutic areas such as Oncology, Cardiology, Immunology and Endocrinology,  Given the compliance needs, stakeholders take enormous amount of time to categorize, structure and approve content methodically. However, finding the right content at the right time is a major challenge.

As an example,  consider a few of the key functional areas listed below  in Pharma:

  • Research & Development
    • Clinical Protocols and Clinical Data are spread over Share Point sites, databases and other content management repositories making it difficult for Clinical Research Associates and Researchers to find the right content.
  • Commercialization
    • Brands would like to make it easier for HCPs and other client facing teams find commercial content quickly and easily from Veeva PromoMats, multiple websites or other content repositories using simple Google type interfaces.
  • Medical Affairs
    • Scientific content is growing at an exponential pace and is often across multiple source systems/repositories.  Medical Affairs Teams need to find information from  across various sources such as Veeva Vault, WordPress, Drupal and other websites easily.

By partnering with Coveo as a platform for improving search relevance, FocalCXM is able to solve a number of challenges stated above.

The main capabilities of Coveo include:

Single Search Index

Coveo unifies the content of the cloud and on-premises repositories in a single index. By centralizing access to the websites, knowledge bases, and catalogs, the discoverability of the data is improved, regardless of format or location

Cross-platform Compatibility

Coveo layers over the existing systems to enhance the search everywhere, from the website and customer-facing channels to enterprise search in internal portals and CRM software.

Dynamic Search Interface

The search pages in Coveo automatically adjust to each query, reordering results and filters in the most relevant way. While basic search only matches keywords to text in an index, AI-powered search also considers previous actions and context to rank results.

Proactive AI-powered Recommendations

Coveo has the ability to provide relevant query suggestions, personalize the result ranking, enrich the navigation, and recommend additional content. Relevance and findability constantly improve as Coveo learns from user behavior and recognizes intent patterns.

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