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Sales Cloud

Implementation and Configuration

  • Implement Salesforce Sales Cloud to align with your organization’s sales processes and terminology.
  • Configure standard objects such as leads, accounts, contacts, opportunities, and activities based on requirements.
  • Configure sales processes, stages, and workflows tailored to the B2B sales cycle.
  • Define automation rules for lead assignment, opportunity management, and quote generation.
  • Set up price books, products, and pricing rules to manage complex pricing structures common in B2B sales.
  • Install and configure Salesforce Configure Price Quote (CPQ)

Customization and Development

  • Customize page layouts, fields, validation rules, and workflows to match your business processes.
  • Implement automation using workflow rules, visual flows, and approval processes to streamline sales operation.
  • Custom code to handle complex business logic.

Integration Services

  • Integrate Salesforce Sales Cloud with other systems and applications, such as marketing automation, ERP, or customer support systems.
  • Configure APIs, web services, or middleware platforms to facilitate seamless data exchange and communication.
  • Implement bidirectional data synchronization to ensure consistency across systems.

Managed Services

  • Continuous Support
  • System Maintenance
  • Configuration Change requests
  • Enhancements and Customizations
  • User Training and Adoption
  • Performance Monitoring and Optimization
  • Governance and Compliance
  • Strategic Guidance