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Public Sector

FocalCXM has expertise in Health and Life Sciences industry. We have been collaborating with organizations such as Pandemic Response Accountability Committee (https://www.pandemicoversight.gov/) and other agencies and helping them innovate in the data and visualization space using the Cloud. 

Why Focal for Public Sector?

We help Governament Agencies deliver remarakable expereinces to customers. 


Simplification of  Workflows using Salesforce as a Platform.


Ingesting Data in the Cloud and helping with data Visualization

Rules Engine

We have extensive experience around Events, Order Management, Omni Channel Communicaiton, Territory Management and other processes related to Commercialization. Reach out to us to know how we can help you with your digitial transformation.

Other Industries

While we have rich expereince in Life Sciences, we do have expertise in other industries as well. A few of them are listed below. We are enhancing the lives of B2B professionals; one industry process at a time.


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Higher Education

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