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Fostering communication with HCPs via Omnichannel

The preferred communication channels of healthcare professionals (HCPs) often exhibit geographical variations. For instance, an HCP in Brazil or India might favor WhatsApp, while those in Japan, Taiwan, or Thailand could lean towards Line. At FocalCXM, we harness platforms like Infobip to streamline interactions between customer-facing teams and HCPs. This approach ensures compliance with the prevalent regulations in the Life Sciences industry. To know more, please contact us at contact@focalcxm.com.

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We utilize Infobip to facilitate an exceptional communication experience between customer-facing teams and HCPs. We seamlessly integrate the Infobip platform with a plethora of systems, including CRM, Marketing Automation Platforms, Contact Centers, Messaging Apps, Chatbots, CMS, etc., all of which contribute to streamlining the communication process and managing associated content effectively.

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Our expertise in Life Sciences

Community Health Workers

Omni-channel communication provides Community Health Workers with a unique ability to efficiently interact with the community, amplify health education efforts, and enhance healthcare outcomes, especially in regions with limited resources and remote accessibility.


Utilizing omni-channel communication equips commercial teams in the Life Sciences industry to establish effective connections with HCPs, provide precise information, and lay the groundwork for productive and collaborative partnerships.

Medical Affairs

The implementation of omni-channel communication equips Medical Affairs teams within the Life Sciences industry to efficiently communicate with HCPs, share precise medical information, and cultivate collaborative partnerships that contribute to the progress of medical knowledge and patient well-being.

Our Offering

FocalCXM is passionate about delivering remarkable experiences for enterprise users in Life Sciences, We leverage our deep expertise to tackle the challenge of empowering Marketing, Sales, and Medical Affairs Teams in their communication with healthcare professionals (HCPs). The following are a few measurable outcomes from the omni-channel implementations we undertake for our customers in the Life Sciences industry


  • Compliant Messaging
  • Real-time Collaboration
  • Engagement Insights
  • Enhanced Expertise Sharing
  • Personalized Engagement

Our Strategy

Using the following process, we assist clients in implementing an Omni-Channel strategy that aligns with their communication objectives, while tailoring the solution to extract maximum value from the platform.

  • Identify Communication Needs
  • Analyze HCP Communication Preferences
  • System Integration (CRM, Contact Center, Consent Management, etc.)
  • Personalize Communications
  • Compliance and Archival
  • Analytics and Measurement
  • Security and Data Privacy

HCPs utilize diverse communication channels like WhatsApp and SMS when interacting with customer-facing teams. These teams rely on tools such as Veeva Engage for communication. In cases where clients don’t utilize standard solutions, we recommend RepScape, our proprietary product, to fulfill their requirement. We even integrate the infobip platform with any of the custom mobile messaging platforms of the Customer.

Our Expertise


With a minimum investment of time, effort, and budget, we offer rapid prototyping that helps our customers evaluate and understand the capabilities of a Omni-Channel platform and its features.  


We customize the Omni-Channel platform in the best interest of the customer’s needs. The customization is applied to the integrations, archival, compliance and Mobile platforms. The extent of customization varies for each platform. We can help you build custom integrations based on your need. 


Continuous experimentation is in the DNA of our company. We embrace new trends in the technology of omni-Channel platform, and conduct experiments to gain a deep understanding of the value that these new features (e.g., Bots, Custom Mobile Apps) bring to our customers.

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