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Coveo’s Relevance Cloud employs Natural Language Processing (NLP) as a critical component of its AI-powered search and recommendation solutions. Utilizing intelligent search algorithms, these solutions understand user intent by analyzing content, context, and user behavior. They offer personalized search experiences by learning from user interactions and tailoring results to individual preferences. In the complex landscape of the life sciences sector, Coveo’s relevance solutions contribute to informed decision-making, efficient research, and improved patient care. This blog will delve into how Coveo uses NLP to provide the best results and recommendations for users. 

Understanding Coveo and Relevancy Tuning 

Coveo Machine Learning (ML)  is a Cloud- and analytics-based machine learning service that continually analyses search behavior patterns or natural language to understand which results and content lead to the best outcomes. Coveo’s ML leverages usage analytics data by creating and training algorithmic models to predict and recommend which content is most helpful to users.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Coveo’s relevancy tuning is entirely based on Natural Language Processing (NLP), a branch of artificial intelligence that focuses on enabling machines to understand, interpret, and respond to human language. NLP helps Coveo understand what users mean when they ask questions using everyday language, even if the questions are complicated or said in different ways. NLP enables Coveo to:

  • Tokenize and Understand Queries: Coveo breaks down user queries into individual tokens (words or phrases) and uses linguistic analysis to grasp the relationships between them. This allows the system to identify key concepts and intent.
  • Identify Synonyms and Variations: Relevancy tuning involves understanding that users might use different words to refer to the same concept. NLP enables Coveo to recognize synonyms, alternate spellings, and related terms to ensure a broader scope of relevant results.
  • Provide Contextual Analysis: NLP helps Coveo understand the context in which a query is made. For instance, the same query might yield different results based on whether it’s related to a specific industry, location, or time frame.

Relevancy Tuning Techniques

Coveo employs a range of techniques to fine-tune the relevance of search results:

  • Ranking Algorithms: Coveo uses algorithms (TF-IDF) to determine the order in which search results are displayed. These algorithms consider factors like keyword frequency, location of keywords, document popularity, and more.
  • User Behavior Analysis: By analyzing user behavior such as click-through rates, Coveo can learn which results are most often clicked on after a specific query. These insights help in boosting the relevance of those results for similar queries in the future.
  • Query Intent Recognition: Coveo strives to understand the intent behind user queries. For example, if a user searches for “troubleshooting,” the system should prioritize documents related to problem-solving rather than general information.
  • Manual Adjustments: Administrators could manually adjust the relevance of certain items. This is particularly useful when specific documents need to be promoted or demoted based on their importance or accuracy.


Benefits of NLP-Driven Relevancy Tuning

The advantages of combining NLP with  search result adjustments based on accuracy include: 

  •  Enhanced User Experience: Users find what they’re looking for quickly and effortlessly, leading to increased satisfaction and engagement.
  •  Increased Efficiency: NLP-driven relevancy tuning reduces the need for users to refine their queries repeatedly, saving time and frustration.
  •  Personalization: By understanding user intent, Coveo can personalize search results based on an individual’s preferences and history, further improving the relevance of results.
  •  Effortless Adaptation: As language evolves and user behaviours change, NLP allows Coveo to adapt and continue delivering accurate results.


At Focal, we are helping users in the Life Sciences industry integrate Coveo to accelerate operations and decision making in multiple stages across the product lifecycle.  Finding the right information quickly is important and sing NLP to enhance search results helps companies use the magic of understanding language to give people the information they want, right when they want it.