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Process Design

One of the important aspects of our philosophy is the need to understand the process well. Every process can differ based on customer/industry/geography. We collaborate with respective stakeholders to understand the pain points and then benchmark a set of flow diagrams to ensure that everyone is aligned with the flow. This is the basis for our downstream processes.

UX Design

 Once the high level process is defined, we either spend time with actual users or work with stakeholders who know the problems well. From then, we come up with a Visual Requirements Document, a simple template that captures the essence of the product at a high level and get an OK from all the stakeholders. Then, our UX team takes that as an input and delivers low fidelity mockups on paper without the use of any colors. This will ensure that we capture the flow and do not get biased on colors. We share them with our customers, get their acceptance and then, come up with high fidelity prototypes that we rinse, lather and repeat till they have the WOW factor.

Agile Development

Our Engineering is world class. Once the UI design is good enough to excite the Engineering teams, that is when the real development effort cranks in.  Based on the process  maps, “Day In a Life” and other interactions with all stakeholders, our Engineering either finalizes the technology platform or does a quick pilot as needed before honing in on the tools.  To keep the costs down, we deliver most of our applications and innovation on open source technology. As we build our products, we constantly share them with our customers and incorporate their feedback along the way into our products. This will ensure that by the time, we ship the product, users are completely in line with what to expect from the product.


We leverage Amazon as our deployment platform. It enables us to support our customers and ensure that our services are on a near High Availability mode. If customers prefer to have them in their premise, we can deploy our services there or any other infrastructure platform they want us to.


Support is integral to our philosophy. We believe that Support is a strategic differentiator and we are passionate about ensuring that we consistently deliver our best.

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