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Med Tech

FocalCXM collaborates with MedTech Companies and empower customer-facing teams with the right tools that will allow them to delight their customers.

Why Focal for MedTech Organizations?

We have expertise in leveraging the Salesforce platform, extending and integrating with other technologies across Marketing, Sales and Service related processes. Our software and services are designed to empower Marketing Operations, Sales Reps, Clinical Trainers and other Service related personas in the MedTech industry.


We have expereince in optimizing the integration between Marketo, cVent and Salesforce to help Marketers suceed in their strategy and execution. 


We have decades of expereince in working with Sales Teams. Our software and services can help Sales Reps be more efficient and effective in the field. 



We have expereince in configuring and integrating Salesforce with SAP to maximize the value of both platforms. Our software and services are designed to extend Field Service Lightning and empower Clinical Trainers, Field Engineers to be more effective in the field. 

Other Industries

While we started off with a laser focus on Life Sciences, we do have expertise in other industries as well. A few of them are listed below. We are enhancing the lives of B2B professionals; one industry process at a time. 


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Higher Education

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