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In my first blog on Focal, I thought I’d take a moment and write down the inspiration behind founding FocalCXM.

1.Gaps: There are excellent CRM platforms out there in the market today. However, as an Engineer and a Product Strategist in the CRM space for over a decade, I learnt that no CRM Software vendor can address customer needs completely. While the core platform typically works out great, gaps exist due to differences in industry/geography specific processes. As an example, consider the “Order capture” in Life Sciences. The way it is done in Europe is different from the way it is done in US and other markets. CRM platforms give the ability to store the data but not the means to capture the data with ease while respecting the business processes. The mobility products delivered by leading CRM vendors are pretty good but not vertical enough. At FocalCXM, I want to address this challenge by building a great platform and delivering insanely remarkable enterprise products and services that simplify the lives of CRM users.

2.Agility:  In the past, I have worked with excellent engineering teams at large organizations and delivered great products. However, processes and policies were not always conducive to ship software at a rate that customers needed. At Focal, we are nimble, take pride in being open with customers and involve them throughout the development cycles. So far, we could succeed and I want to make sure that we maintain the same spirit as we grow.

3. Leadership: Initially, I had mixed emotions about taking the risk of co-founding a company. On one hand, it was exciting to get seed money and have the freedom to build products based on my understanding of the world; on the other, it was pretty intimidating to wear multiple hats; finding great employees, managing them, leading product development, finding customers and all other tasks involved in the startup world. However, few months into the venture, I have realized that this is one of the best times in my life. My employees and customers inspire me to drive to work every day, do the best I can and really change lives for the better with great software and services.