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FocalCXM is pleased to partner with OpenRules, Inc. Over the last few years, we have been able to solve complex Decision Modeling problems by using Rule and Decision Engines developed by OpenRules, Inc. By integrating Enterprise CRM platforms such as Salesforce, Veeva etc with the Rules Engine, we could roll out highly compliant loyalty programs and simplify sales and marketing processes in the Life Sciences industry. With this partnership, we hope to empower our customers solve various other use cases related to Compliance, Employee and Customer Experiences.

FocalCXM is a life sciences and public sector focused company that thrives on improving customer experience (CX), delivering digital solutions on various platforms including Salesforce, Veeva, and AWS. We partner with large enterprise customers, understand their business processes and assist them to accelerate innovation by leveraging our expertise in cloud, mobility, rapid application development, user experience, and product management. FocalCXM’s vision is to make enterprise software delightful.

OpenRules, Inc. has developed, enhanced, and maintains the Open Source Business Rules and Decision Management System commonly known as OpenRules®. OpenRules, Inc. also provides technical support, training and consulting services related to the OpenRules® product OpenRules, Inc. is an NJ-based corporation founded in 2003 and over the years OpenRules has become one of the most popular Business Rules products. OpenRules allows business people to develop and maintain complex but highly efficient operational decision models and deploy them on-premise or on-cloud. Every day OpenRules helps customers worldwide to handle millions of transactions in real-world production environments for large corporations, government agencies, hospitals, and online businesses.