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Salesforce Experience Cloud for LS Organizations?

Life Sciences Organizations across Pharma, MedTech, BioTech and other segments have invested heavily into the Salesforce Platform for their CRM initiatives.  Currently, many websites at these organizations have been implemented in Joomla, WordPress and other technologies. However, it is time to understand why and how Salesforce Experience Cloud can be leveraged to re-engineer the Self Service Journeys.

Salesforce Experience Cloud, formerly known as Salesforce Community Cloud, is a platform provided by Salesforce that enables companies to create branded online communities for their customers, partners, employees, and other stakeholders. These communities are designed to facilitate collaboration, engagement, and self-service support. From a Life Sciences perspective, Experience Cloud is great to improve experiences for Payors, Patients, HCPs and other stakeholders.

Here are some key features and capabilities of Salesforce Experience Cloud:

Customization: Experience Cloud allows organizations to create customized, branded online communities tailored to their specific needs and audience. Users can personalize the community’s look and feel, layout, navigation, and content to reflect their brand identity and meet their business objectives.

Engagement: Experience Cloud enables companies to engage with their customers, partners, and employees in a variety of ways, including forums, discussions, polls, Q&A, blogs, and more. Users can interact with each other, share knowledge and resources, and collaborate on projects and initiatives.

Self-Service Support: Experience Cloud empowers organizations to provide self-service support to their customers and partners, allowing them to find answers to their questions, access resources and documentation, and resolve issues on their own without having to contact customer support.

Integration: Experience Cloud seamlessly integrates with other Salesforce products and third-party applications, enabling organizations to leverage existing data, workflows, and processes within their communities. Integration with Salesforce CRM, Marketing Cloud, Service Cloud, and other solutions ensures a unified experience across different touchpoints.

Mobile Experience: Experience Cloud provides a mobile-responsive design, ensuring that communities are accessible and optimized for various devices, including smartphones and tablets. Users can engage with communities on the go, enhancing their overall experience and productivity.

Security and Compliance: Experience Cloud includes robust security features to protect sensitive data and ensure compliance with industry regulations and standards. Administrators can control access permissions, authentication methods, and data encryption to safeguard confidential information.

Overall, Salesforce Experience Cloud empowers Life Sciences organizations to build vibrant online communities for Payors, Patients, HCPs that foster collaboration, drive engagement, and deliver value to all the stakeholders while reducing the cost of implementing Self Service Portals.

Why Salesforce Experience Cloud?

  • Limit the number of technology skills required within an organization.
  • Maximize the ROI by leveraging capabilities that are present within the Salesforce platform.
  • Simplify Integration between websites and other enterprise systems.
  • Deliver exceptional customer journeys across all stakeholders within the ecosystem.


About the presenters 

Skip Kleckner is a Salesforce Architect at FocalCXM, bringing a wealth of experience in Salesforce solutions and project management. Skip leads the development of Lightning Web Components for high-profile clients, ensuring top-notch quality and efficiency. He is also skilled at improving agile processes and boosting team productivity.

Skip’s expertise includes data architecture, system integration, and enterprise-level solutions. He has a solid track record in managing complex Salesforce projects, from disaster recovery systems to billing integrations. Proficient in SOQL, Apex, Visualforce, LWC, and JavaScript, Skip uses tools like VS Code, Developer Console, and GitHub to keep his projects running smoothly.

In his presentation, “Unlocking the Potential of Salesforce Experience Cloud for Life Sciences Organizations,” Skip will show how Salesforce Experience Cloud can enhance self-service journeys for Life Sciences organizations. He will cover the platform’s features, such as customization, engagement, self-service support, integration, mobile experience, and security. Skip will demonstrate how these capabilities foster collaboration, engagement, and value for stakeholders like Payors, Patients, and HCPs. He will also discuss how Salesforce Experience Cloud can maximize ROI, simplify integrations, and deliver exceptional customer journeys in the Life Sciences sector.

Ambadas Joshi is a seasoned Salesforce Lead and Solution Architect with over 14 years of experience, Joshi is passionate about leveraging Salesforce features to solve real-world business challenges. He specializes in designing and delivering robust, scalable, and high-performance Salesforce solutions. Joshi is highly skilled in designing and implementing seamless integrations between Salesforce and other enterprise systems.

With a strong focus on mentoring and leading development teams, Joshi conducts thorough code reviews and ensures adherence to best practices in Salesforce development. His extensive experience and dedication make him a valuable asset in any Salesforce project.

About FocalCXM

FocalCXM is a software product development services company with a portfolio of innovative SaaS services to re-engineer CRM/CX processes for enterprises worldwide. With a laser focus on specific industries, FocalCXM is passionate about collaborating with customers and partners in solving their problems; one industry process at a time.

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