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Improving Search Relevance in Life Sciences Enterprises using Coveo

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Life Sciences is a highly regulated industry that is also expected to be a leader in innovation. However, Life Sciences enterprises encounter internal challenges in managing information including unstructured data, fragmented data sources, compliance with regulatory requirements, and ineffective knowledge management. These challenges impede decision-making and competitiveness, not to mention impact productivity as well as the pace of innovation. This highlights the need for NextGen solutions including AI Search to help facilitate informed decision-making by unifying data sources, promoting compliance, knowledge sharing, and innovation. 

Join FocalCXM and Coveo to uncover 3 high-impact AI use case areas for Pharma that help your internal teams and external visitors find what they need effortlessly. 

The following use cases show how implementing enterprise search has benefited Life Sciences organizations in attaining their information search objectives.

Regulatory Affairs and Clinical Trial Operations 

The departments of Global Regulatory Affairs & Clinical Science and Global Clinical Trial Operations in the Life Sciences industry face significant challenges when retrieving information from multiple systems. These challenges include data integration, data quality, data security, system compatibility, time constraints, language barriers, lack of standardization, system redundancies, access to legacy data, and budget constraints. These challenges can have adverse effects on data retrieval efficiency, accuracy, and analysis, ultimately hindering the departments’ ability to make informed decisions within timelines. Hence, there is a pressing need for effective strategies to address these challenges and ensure that data is retrieved rapidly, analyzed, and utilized accurately in regulatory submissions and clinical trial operations.


Commercial content in the Life Sciences industry refers to the information and materials related to marketing, sales, and distribution of products. This includes product literature, promotional materials, advertisements, sales training materials, and customer relationship management (CRM) data. Commercial content is critical for driving product adoption and revenue growth, as it helps to inform and educate customers and healthcare professionals about products, differentiate products from competitors, optimize sales and marketing strategies and adhere to regulatory compliance.  Effective management and utilization of commercial content is essential for the success of Life Sciences companies in today’s competitive marketplace. 

Medical Affairs

The increasing volume and complexity of scientific information in the Life Sciences industry poses challenges to efficiently share scientific content across internal and external stakeholders. As scientific content is critical for decision-making related to the development and commercialization of products, the inability to share this content effectively could hinder the progress of research and development activities, delay regulatory submissions and approvals, and hinder the education of customers and healthcare professionals about products. Therefore, there is a need for efficient and effective systems, tools, and processes to facilitate the sharing of the growing volume of scientific content in Life Sciences companies with internal and external stakeholders.

Using Coveo as a platform for improving search relevance, FocalCXM is able to solve a number of the challenges stated above. In this webinar, FocalCXM will walk you through a live demo of the Coveo Platform and show how the platform can drastically improve the Enterprise Search Experience.

About FocalCXM

FocalCXM is a Software Product Development Services company with a portfolio of innovative SaaS Software and Services that streamline CRM/CX processes for enterprises worldwide. With a laser focus on specific industries, FocalCXM is passionate about collaborating with customers and partners and solving specific problems; one process at a time.

About Coveo

We believe that relevance is critical to winning in the new digital experience economy. Coveo is a market-leading AI-powered relevance platform. We aim to enable our customers to deliver the relevant experiences that we believe people expect in the new digital economy. Our SaaS-native, multi-tenant platform injects search, recommendations, and personalization solutions into digital experiences. We provide solutions for Ecommerce, service, website, and workplace applications. Our solutions are designed to provide tangible value to our customers by helping drive revenue growth, reduce customer support costs, increase customer satisfaction and website engagement, and improve employee proficiency and satisfaction. Our AI powers relevant interactions for hundreds of the world’s most innovative brands and is supported by a large network of global system integrators and implementation partners.


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