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Digital Product Development

Expedite Time to Market. Reduce Costs. Delight Users

AWSome Cloud Experiments

Are you thinking about migrating your existing enterprise applications to the Cloud? Over the last few years, we have delivered over 50 projects on the AWS platform. To address various use cases, we have used DynamoDB, RDS, AppSync, EBS, EC2, Lambdas and many other services that AWS offers and have become very good at what we do. If you need our expertise, drop us a line and we would love to have the opportunity to work with you.

App Development & Delivery

We believe that the next generation applications deliver frictionless experiences by using Chat, Voice, Augmented Reality and other technologies. Over the last few years, we have delivered many applications that integrate with enterprise platforms and work seamlessly in offline and online modes and truly empower the Enterprise Sales and Marketing Teams.

iOT Applications

We have integrated our applications with Beacons, Temperature Sensors and Edge Devices for use cases such as helping consumers with Wayfinding in airports, delivering Dynamic Coupons to Consumers in Retail or ensuring Compliance in Food & Beverage Industry by alerting various stakeholders when temperature is not within the expected range

Product Management Services

Focal is deeply rooted in Product Management. We believe that strong Product Management skills are essential for successful outcomes of Digital B2B Initiatives. Our team has decades of experience in building Enterprise-Grade Software. If you need someone on your team to tie in User Experience, Technology, and Business and deliver software that delights your users, let us know. We would love to help.

Mobile Application Development

We have developed and deployed over 15 mobile applications for Enterprise Use Cases. Most of them are integrated with SAP, Oracle, Salesforce, Veeva etc. If you are looking to empower your CRM Stakeholders, we can collaborate with you and build the best applications that your end users would love to use.

Digital Labs

We love experimentation. If you have a business use case and you want us to ideate with you, explore technical options and prototype, we are game. Few areas we worked in the past are in Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Newer Data Integration Patterns etc

Why Focal?


We know B2B and a few industries well. We take pride in co-creating value with our customers.


Over the last few years,we have developed a number of products/accelerators for the Global Sales and Marketing Teams. We can reuse and help you build stuff much faster and cheaper.


We believe in good thinking skills. While we have expertise in specific areas, our true strength is our collective ability to think and deliver the right solutions for our customers.   

Development Methodology

We rely on our custom software development methodology to deliver the best software to our customers.  Read this to know more.


We believe that Support is a strategic differentiation and we are passionate about ensuring that we consistently deliver our best. Talk to our customers to know about our Support.

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