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Why  Vlocity/Salesforce Industries for 360?

Building an awesome Customer 360 Degree View that Sales Teams love is not easy. It involves a mix of transactional data from Salesforce and SAP (at the least) ,  reports from Business Intelligence Systems and different data points from other systems as well.  Building this is challenging because often times, bringing together these data points points involve complex integration projects and resource skills that are hard to find.  We at Focal strongly believe that the OmniStudio platform in Salesforce Industries/Vlocity make this process relatively seamless and eliminates the work involved in integration and building the user interfaces.

Our SFI Services

OmniStudio Services

  • Digital Experience Layer
    • Flex Cards
    • OmniScripts
  • Integration Layer
    • Data Raptors
    • Integration Procedures
  • Development Experience Layer
    • IDX Build Tools
    • IDX Workbench

360 Prototyping

  • Before investing on the Vlocity platform, if you want to do a quick prototype, let us know. We would love to ensure that SFI can truly solve the 360 problem that is specific to your industry/process.

Integration Knowledge

While OminStudio makes it extremely easy to build the 360 degree view, knowledge of RESTful services and prior experience with SAP and other systems is important to build the dashboards quickly and easily.


Deep Industry Experience

  • We understand a few industries well and offer solutions and services specific to the needs of Enterprise Users in those industries.

Product Management Foundation

  • We have a foundation in Product Management and believe that strong Product Management skills are critical for Digital Initiatives

Continuous Integration Continuous Development

  • CICD for Salesforce is a major challenge. We have experience in DX and tools such as AutoRabit to simplify the development experience on Salesforce platform.

Process First Approach

  • We focus on understanding the customer processes first and then try to come up with right solutions to suit the requirements.

Our Accelerators

  • We have engineered a number of applications/accelerators on the Salesforce platform.  Our existing apps/accelerators can help you cut down the time/money needed to meet your software needs.

Learn how we can help you with your Salesforce Industries initiatives

Customer Story

Leveraging the Salesforce Service Cloud for Life Sciences

Our Sample Solutions

QBR in a a Box for MedTech

Conducting Quarterly Business Reviews is a common practice in MedTech. However, one of the challenges is the amount of time it takes for internal teams to consolidate the information from Salesforce, JDE, SAP etc and create a presentation for discussion with the customer. Using SFI, we can drastaically cut down the time it takes to deliver these insights. 

Customer Story

Custom Dashboard for Senior Management

Customer Story

Improving Enterprise Productivity using Salesforce

Our Thinking

Leveraging OmniStudio Components to deliver a Customer 360 View in Salesforce

Read this blog to understand how we can leverage Vlocity to build a true 360 View quickly and efficiently.