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CRM Managed Service

We are a CRM Company at heart and are obsessed about leveraging the Salesforce Platform to solve Sales, Marketing and Services processes across various industries. In addition, we have deep expertise in using Salesforce for Application Development & Delivery for use cases that span beyond traditional CRM and integrating the platform with other On-Premise and Cloud Applications.

CRM Extended Team

Our team will work as an extension of your Business or CRM IT Teams. If you are looking for help in implementing, extending your current CRM Platform, let us know. We would love to work with you.

CRM Agility

We are passionate about empowering customer-facing professionals and have developed a number of accelerators over the years to help Marketing, Sales, Service Professionals with their productivity. We will be able to customize the tools for your specific use cases in a short time and with minimal budgets.  Drop us a note to learn more (contact@focalcxm.com)

CRM Integration

We understand that CRM systems do not exist in isolation and there will always be a need to integrate with other enterprise platforms such as ERP, HCM. Our Engineering team has expertise in tying together multiple systems to deliver remarkable employee experiences.

CRM is the foundation for great CX. Other than a strong desire from the bottom of your heart to do the best for your customers, an excellent CRM platform is required for you to be able to respond faster to customer needs, unlock new value and redefine customer engagement through remarkable digital customer experiences. At FocalCXM, We help you see, manage and deliver the right experience with solutions for marketing, sales management and customer service to improve customer understanding, reduce costs, and delight your customers.

We possess the passion, expertise and energy to produce winning results that drive the highest value out of your CRM investment. We are always on the lookout for changing trends and shifts in the CRM industry. Based on research and insights from leading analysts such as Forrester and Gartner, we have come up with a custom methodology to help our customers succeed in their CX Journeys.

FocalCXM’s comprehensive CRM Managed Services Solutions offerings include the following:


Salesforce Implementation
Salesforce Enhancements

CRM as a Managed Service

Our Shared Pool of Experienced Professionals and CRM Specialists manage your software


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