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CRM Services

We are a CRM Company at heart and are obsessed with leveraging the Salesforce Platform to solve Sales, Marketing and Services processes across various industries. In addition, we have deep expertise in using Salesforce for Application Development & Delivery for use cases that span beyond traditional CRM and integrating the platform with other On-Premise and Cloud Applications.

Extended CRM Team

Our team of Product Managers, Engineers and QA Teams will work as an extension of your Business or CRM IT Teams. If you are looking for help in implementing, extending your current CRM Platform, let us know. We would love to work with you.

CRM Accelerators

We are passionate about empowering customer-facing professionals and have developed a number of accelerators over the years to help Marketing, Sales, Service Professionals with their productivity. We will be able to customize the tools for your specific use cases in a short time and with minimal budgets.  Drop us a note to learn more (contact@focalcxm.com). You can also visit https://baton.focalcxm.com to get an idea of our accelerators.

CRM Integration

We understand that CRM systems do not exist in isolation and there will always be a need to integrate with other enterprise platforms such as ERP, HCM. Our Engineering team has expertise in tying together multiple systems to deliver remarkable employee experiences.

CRM is the foundation for great CX. Other than a strong desire from the bottom of your heart to do the best for your customers, an excellent CRM platform is required for you to be able to respond faster to customer needs, unlock new value and redefine customer engagement through remarkable digital customer experiences. At FocalCXM, We help you see, manage and deliver the right experience with solutions for marketing, sales management and customer service to improve customer understanding, reduce costs, and delight your customers.

We possess the passion, expertise and energy to produce winning results that drive the highest value out of your CRM investment. We are always on the lookout for changing trends and shifts in the CRM industry. Based on research and insights from leading analysts such as Forrester and Gartner, we have come up with a custom methodology to help our customers succeed in their CX Journeys.

FocalCXM’s comprehensive CRM Managed Services Solutions offerings include the following:


CRM Strategy

There are many great CRM platforms out there. However, your enterprise processes, geography, current tooling, and needs should drive the right CRM for you. Our team can collaborate with you to understand your needs and suggest the right platform for you. We have expertise in Life Sciences and few other industries. If we can help you in any way, please reach out to us: contact@focalcxm.com

Few sample case studies are mentioned below:

  • Understanding a client’s needs and recommending Zoho as the best platform for them
    • Private Equity Industry
  • Assessing  CRM processes for one of the largest Utility companies in North America and recommending process improvements across marketing, sales, and services.
    • Utilities Industry
  • Helping a large utility company improve their Field Service Processes
    • Utilities Industry

Artifacts from our projects include:

  • As-Is Processes across Marketing, Sales, and Service
  • Personas
  • Journeys
  • Future State Processes
  • CRM Maturity Assessments
  • CRM Platform Recommendations

Drop us a note if you would like to see our work contact@focalcxm.com


CRM Administration (Salesforce)

We have deep experience in configuring Salesforce platforms across all processes.  Our goal is to help customers maximize the value of the platform with more Configuration and less Customization. 

  • Marketing Process Automation
    • Integration with tools such as Marketo
  • Sales Process Automation
    • Lead Management 
      • In addition to basic Lead Management, we come up with innovative methods to assess and educate Leads.  Read our blog to understand our thinking around this topic.
    • Opportunity Management
    • CPQ Processes
    • Territory Management
    • Sales Enablement
      • FocalCXM has its own Sales Enablement software that works with Salesforce. Click on this link to know more about StoryPulse, our unique platform that brings together content and assessments in a beautiful way.
      • We have developed a number of games to engage and educate Sales Teams around the globe. Drop us a note to know more about them (contact@focalcxm.com)
    • Contract Lifecycle Management
  • Service Management 
    • Service Cloud
      • Case Management
      • Field Service
      • Knowledge
    • Loyalty Management
      • We have developed a Rebate System to help customers issue rebates to their customers. 
    • Voice of the Customer Platform
      • StoryPulse integrates with Salesforce to offer a comprehensive VoC platform.
CRM Implementation (Salesforce)

At Focal, we leverage the Human Centric Design approach to deliver products/projects. As part of the approach, there are phases we try to follow. Oftentimes, the phases are non-linear and depending on the budgets/timeline, we cater to the needs of the customer.

  • Empathize: This phase helps us gather more insights about our target users; their goals, frustrations, and motivations.
  • Define: During this phase, we collaborate with our customers to understand the actual problem using LogFrame methodology to ensure that the success criteria for the project are defined properly.
  • Ideate: During this phase, we brainstorm and come up with multiple ideas to address the challenges for various stakeholders.
  • Prototype: During this phase,  we come up with high-fidelity mockups to share with end-users. By sharing these “real” looking prototypes, we get feedback to help refine the product.
  • Test: Finally, we leverage agile development to iteratively develop the project and showcase progress with end-users. 


Few foundational principles across our projects include:

  • Leverage more Configuration and minimize Customization
  • CICD from the get-go.
  • User Training
CRM Integration (Salesforce)

Over the last few years, we have built complex applications that integrate Salesforce with multiple Enterprise Platforms using APIs and tools such as Mulesoft/Boomi. Few examples of our integration projects are stated below.

  • As part of our mobile applications, we retrieve data from Salesforce, store it within mobile devices to facilitate offline storage, and then synchronize changes back to Salesforce.
  • Orders captured in Salesforce are pushed to Oracle ERP through APIs.
  • Orders captured in Salesforce are pushed to SAP ERP through APIs.
  • High data volume transfer from legacy systems to Salesforce using Mulesoft.
CRM Customization (Salesforce)

Salesforce is designed for Flexibility and we believe that it is one of the best Low Code Platforms out there. Common needs can be met by Salesforce’s out-of-the-box features such as Objects, Layouts, Email Alerts, Workflow rules, Process Builder, Flow Builder, platform builder, outbound messaging, etc. However, when there are needs specific to your organization that cannot be achieved with out-of-the-box features, Customization of the platform can come in handy. 

A few scenarios for custom configuration and development capabilities include:

  • Need to minimize the number of clicks and improve Business Productivity.
  • Ask from business to pre-populate a number of fields based on business process.
  • Implement a complex industry-specific business process that is specific to a given business unit or organization

We have several certified Salesforce admins, developers, and architects who can tweak and tune Salesforce to fit your needs with minimal customization.


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