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Corporate Citizenship

“At Focal, we’ve adopted  LOVE, INTEGRITY, TRANSPARENCY, TENKAIZEN, LEADERSHIP & EXCELLENCE (LITTLE) as our core values to best serve our employees and customers”

Adi Buddhavarapu

Founder & CXO


At Focal, we love what we do. The sub-values of LOVE such as empathy and compassion help us understand our customers better and deliver great solutions and services.


We hire the right people and trust them to believe their inner conscience in doing the right thing for themselves, the organization, and our customers.  


We internally share information about our performance and customer feedback without any inhibitions. We are open to receiving and sharing constructive feedback that will help us improve every day. 


Tenkaizen means managing innovation and improvement. Every day, we hunt for opportunities to improve our operations, fueling our obsession with processes and learning. In parallel, we are on the lookout for the next technology that can help solve our customer problems. Everyone at Focal is responsible for identifying something they are passionate about, learning something new, and experimenting responsibly to add value to our customers.


We celebrate Leadership at Focal.  We take decisions, make mistakes, learn, and execute our job with minimal supervision. Roles or titles do not carry much weight here, and we encourage members of this family to lead at every level. We strive to exhibit personal, relational, contextual, and inspirational leadership every moment of our lives.


Every day is an opportunity for us to get better and deliver excellent products and services.