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b2brebates: Simple, Affordable and Flexible Rebate Processing System for Salesforce 

The Rebate System is a complete customer loyalty reward application that empowers businesses to offer customers incentives in the form of rebates directly from the world’s most popular CRM, Salesforce.

Re-engineering Rebating experiences

Managing Rebate Programs is an extremely complex process because of multiple systems, complex data flows, rules that are specific to different product lines or markets, data quality challenges, and integration between multiple systems. At FocalCXM, we have rich experience in designing Rebate Systems for global rollouts. With that experience, we have designed “b2brebates” as our solution to simplify Rebate Management. 

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Our expertise across Industries

Animal Health

Rebates in the animal health industry typically function similarly to rebates in other sectors. Powered by Salesforce and AWS, our solution covers Contract Management, Sales Tracking, Rebate Processing and integration with SAP or other ERP Systems for payments.


In manufacturing, rebates are often used as a sales promotion tool to encourage purchases of certain products or to incentivize specific behaviors, such as bulk buying or early adoption of new products. The process is very similar to other industries.

Human Health

Rebates in the context of human health typically involve pharmaceutical companies, healthcare providers, and sometimes patients. Typically, the pharmaceutical companies offer rebates to PBMs or insurers as a way of incentivization.

Our Offering

The Rebate System incorporates a few powerful platforms to deliver fast and accurate calculations. By leveraging OpenRules©, AWS©, and Salesforce©, our solution offers a seamless experience for users and administrators alike.

Sales representatives and managers can manage contracts directly from their Salesforce CRM to create the basis for the customers’ loyalty incentives.

The contracts are the basis for the rebate calculations that our powerful OpenRules configuration delivers. The offerings are fully configurable and allow you to tailor your loyalty rewards according to your marketing strategy.

  • Native integration with Salesforce
  • Customizable rebate solutions for multiple business units
  • High complexity rules engine with powerful logic features
  • Conditional calculations, e.g. buy more get more, tiered based
  • Real time approval of rebate proposals
  • Integration with Salesforce Marketing for Statements and Invoices
  • Generation of PDF contracts
  • Customizable user groups
  • Rebate contract approval workflow
  • Rebate payment approval workflow
  • Audit features
  • Integration with finance systems such as SAP
  • Calculation simulation prior to actual run
  • Hierarchical calculations, parent and child sales
  • Shareable rules and calculations
  • Multi currency calculations


Using the following process, we assist clients in implementing an Omni-Channel strategy that aligns with their communication objectives, while tailoring the solution to extract maximum value from the platform.

  • Identify communication needs
  • Determine accurate financial calculations
  • Empower sales representatives with preapproved rebate offerings
  • Provide easily auditable calculations and payments
  • Plan and budget customer rewards
  • Automate customer communications
  • Implement flexible approval workflows

Our Expertise


With a minimum investment of time, effort, and budget, we offer rapid prototyping that helps our customers evaluate and understand the capabilities of a Omni-Channel platform and its features.  


We customize the Omni-Channel platform in the best interest of the customer’s needs. The customization is applied to the integrations, archival, compliance and Mobile platforms. The extent of customization varies for each platform. We can help you build custom integrations based on your need. 


Continuous experimentation is in the DNA of our company. We embrace new trends in the technology of omni-Channel platform, and conduct experiments to gain a deep understanding of the value that these new features (e.g., Bots, Custom Mobile Apps) bring to our customers.

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