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AWS Cloud Services

Cloud Contributions

Cloud Arrangement and Administrations assist organizations with relocating their legacy IT frameworks through either an open cloud, private cloud , or a mix of both—the hybrid cloud.

Our cloud contributions include:

Cloud counseling administrations: preparation evaluation, cloud engineering and plan, usage and relocation backing, and consistence and security management.
Infrastructure administrations (IaaS): oversaw foundation including system, stockpiling, and servers, to help both production and non production applications situations.
Platform administrations (PaaS): completely robotized, lithe, and fast provisioning of development environment.
Application services (SaaS): exceptionally assembled applications that to take into account business process necessities.
Area explicit cloud services: platforms custom fitted to the requirements of explicit businesses, for example, healthcare , life science and retail.


Deep Cloud Experience

We understand a few industries well and offer solutions and specilaized cloud services specific to the needs of Enterprise Users in those industries.


CI/CD on Cloud

CICD on Cloud is a major challenge. We have humongous experience in building intricate CI/CD platforms for our customers. Our experience of CI/CD spans across all kinds of Platforms IaaS ,SaaS and PaaS.

Process First Approach

We focus on understanding the customer processes first and then try to come up with right solutions to suit the requirements. Our process eccentric approach allows us to deploy high quality cloud applications for our clients 

Our Accelerators

We have engineered a number of applications/accelerators on the Cloud platform.  All our products are deployed on a highly scalable and well managed cloud platforms that leverage containers and orchestration.

Cloud Services


FocalCXM encourages our customers in cutting down the whole cluster of cloud computing circle to your accessibility. For all the customary local data centers your business has got, FocalCXM Pro effectively takes them onto the Cloud.We have embraced a redone way to deal with acclimatize distributed computing administrations to our clientele. We take up every customer of our own on an individual premise, watch, dissect and comprehend the customers’ necessities and restrictions. This is the means by which we build up a customized information relocation plan to the Cloud.


We offer the most financially savvy and easy to use cloud facilitating and figuring administrations to your business and we will help you effectively rise above your business to the Cloud.The ever-changing space of the cloud is our mantra, which means we’re entirely positioned to help innovation groups make applications in the cloud, for the cloud. Whatever size your group or objective is, we assist you with tackling the cloud lessen the time among thought and live code.


The DevOps philosophy improves cooperation among development and tasks groups while exploiting cloud innovations to make programming conveyance quicker and more reliable.Alongside our profound information on everything cloud, this makes us totally positioned to assist you with adapting DevOps and create applications more productively than any other time in recent memory.

By helping groups receive a community oriented outlook and a common culture of building extraordinary programming, we help to get together improvement work that makes better quality programming the first run through round, discharges programming all the more promptly and invests less energy investigating once code is live.

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