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About US

About FocalCXM

Founded in 2012, FocalCXM is a Software Product Development Services company with a portfolio of innovative SaaS Software and Services to streamline CRM/CX processes  for corporations worldwide.

Our Philosophy

Industry Focused

We know a few industries well and we try to excel in those.

Value Driven

It's all about delivering value to our customers.

Customer Obsessed

Work with us to know what we mean.

Our Customers Are Global

We serve our customers in over 25 countries around the globe.

Our Awesome Team

We are passionate about out CRM/CX and love what we do.

Sreeni Aluri

Sreeni Aluri

Technology Leader

Lax Chepuri

Lax Chepuri

Founder & President

Adi Buddhavarapu

Adi Buddhavarapu

Founder & CXO

Our Values

Our values drive us to work every day. We abide by them in every decision we make.